A Plea for Peace. Pic courtesy: Maria Pinheiro


We saw Putin’s miserable military results first near Kyiv. Recently — in Kharkiv oblast. Russian Army routed. Soldiers abandon tanks and ammo. Is that the great ‘ effectiveness?’ It was plainly a loser’s army being routed.

And now he’s threatening Europe with a general mobilisation and the eventual use of tactical nukes. Putin is the most destructive man in the Continent. He must be relieved from his post as he has proved beyond doubt that he is an incapable of ruling a country. And as the Commander in Chief of the Russian Forces, he has no idea about strategy and warfare. He has no control and no efficient, reliable feedback about the real developments on the krieg in Ukraine. He is surrounded by generals who are more ‘ yes-men’ and they filter the war dispatches and tell him everything’s running ‘ according to plan.’ This folley is of his own making like in the fairytale ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.‘.

It is a fact that the Russian troops are spread thinly along the long Russian-Ukranian border. What ensues is a domino effect, a scenario in which everyone panics when the Ukranian forces strike with deadly precision. The Russian soldiers hastily put on civilian clothes and run for their lives. And Ukraine get a big chunk of Russian-held territories.

Borodianka, 36 miles from Kiev, where Russians bombarded civilian targets for one month. The town was destroyed and occupied by Rusian forces. Carnage, danage and destruction. Food and clothing — the rubble of Borodianka. Bodies of the dead civilians lying around the pavement, it was worse than Bucca. The Ukranian fire- brigade finds more corpses every day. A teddy bear ner a tree, A wedding photo. The savagery of Putin’s war, a town among many. People posting videos in the internet. The Russians had reinforced the frontline east of Kharkiv.

Putin says: ‘Russia has lost nothing in the war.’ It has lost 50,000 soldiers and has tens of thousands of casualities.

Putin in the defensive? The Russian Army is obsolete and not modern and they still have a tedious form of command hierarchy. Corruption has been worming its way through the ranks of the Russian Army. Putin’s dream of conquering not only Crimea and Donbas but also the whole of Ukraine was a case of biting more than he could chew.

According to Ukrainian Contact Group in Ramstein, the USA will give aid to Ukraine, new military help to the tune of $665 million. Slensky wants more artillery and ammunition. Germany,on it part, asks other Nato nations to help Ukraine by giving their Russian made weapons in lieu of new German armsas soon as possible. The weapons are helping and the game changer is there in the form of 155mm caliber haubitzers, armoured vehicles such as the crew transporter M113, haubitzer M777, t-72 panzer (tanks) and Himars which throws multiple rockets simultaneously, like the Stalin Orgels of World War II and the Panzerhaubitze 2000 which is already being used in the Donbas. Thirty of the reputed German Gepard, which is an anti-aircraft artillery mounted on a panzer, is protecting Ukraine’s important structures againstes.a Russian advance, and enable to hit the infrastructure and logistics behind the Russian front.

Another meeting is being held in Ramstein to deal with the winter military issues such as the equipment for the cold period. Well-armed for the winter is the motto, which was not the case in 1962 for the Indian Army, which sent its soldiers without adequate winter clothes to the Himalayas in a war against well-equipped Chinese troops. Nehru and Menon were responsible for the military disaster in those days. It was like going to cold Siberia in Summer shorts. The Indian Forces have learned a lot since then.

With the help of the Javelins, the Ukranian Forces were able to stop the Russian convoys. The Russians have learned that such transports in convoy strength was a mistake. Russia is preparing for a long war and that is the reason Putin has been replenishing the troops with new recruits from among not only young people but also criminals who languish behind bars and whoever wants to join.

Ukranians have excellent reconnaissance equipment, with the help of the USA and their own know-how, via Starlink satellite network, and the information supplied by the Ukrainian people themselves have all led to the precision in retaliating against the Russian forces. The Ukrainians know exactly where they have to fire. The USA is well informed about Russian troop movements via satellite tracking.



Satis Shroff: writes, lectures & sings. Awards: Heimatmedaille 2018, Neruda Award 2017, German Academic Exchange (DAAD) Prize.

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Satis Shroff

Satis Shroff: writes, lectures & sings. Awards: Heimatmedaille 2018, Neruda Award 2017, German Academic Exchange (DAAD) Prize.