MediumPoem: THE MICROCOSM WITHIN (Satis Shroff)

Courtesy: Scott Woodall is at The Human Body, Adelaide, SA, Australia

“The most detailed model of a human cell to date obtained using x-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryoelectron microscopy datasets. The world is inside us.”


Cell wall, lysosomes, mitochondria, ER

And a plethora of components of a cell.

A microcosmos within us,

We carry them around as we move

From one place to another (motility),

In the meantime there are complicated life processes

Taking place in these living cells.

What a symbiosis and what a creation.

There are battles going on

between the immunocytes and the invading viruses,

Which want to take over the DNA,

Receptors, phagocytes, interstitial fluids,

Microcapillaries that bring oxygen

bound on haemoglobin.

Cells dying and others being created.

The histological structures look like a megapolis

With a great deal of activity going on.

Alas, all activity ceases

When we breathe our last

And rigor mortis sets in.

Ein Wunderwerk.