KABUL BLUES: The Land of the Sun ( Satis Shroff)

Kabul Blues: The Land of the Sun

5,5 million Afghans are still trying to escape the Talibans inside the country where 40 million Afghans live, according to the UNO. The German Bundeswehr evacuated 5350 people from Kabul, among them 500 Germans and 4000 Afghans and 45 other…

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, SO FLOURISH: On Medium.com you will find articles, poems,musings, essays by the author Satis Shroff, who is a lecturer, poet, author and singer (MGV_Kappel) and artist. He loves the Schwarzwald, Himalayas and the Alps. He loves to read, write, cook, and sing with his croonies from the…


Taliban angst caused Afghans

To storm the airport in Kabul,

And climb up moving aircraft,

In vain attempts to escape

The impending danger.

Talibans, known for their brutality,

Towards those who didn’t obey

The dictates of the Sharia,

Were coming closer and closer.


The sculpture done out of an old oak tree was inspired by the Roman poet Ovid in his poem ‘Metamorphosis’ which is about the mythical story of Pan and the nymph Syrinx.

Since sculptor Thomas Rees’s work ‘Loretta’ led to a heated discussion in Freiburg and the sculpture was covered with black sticky tape by protesters, Rees has offered to take back his sculpture from the Loretto bath. …

the porters and sherpas do everything they can

for the ‘everest heroes’ from the west.

when the climb is over

the porters and sherpas remain

the unsung heroes.

the social media celebrates

the wrong heroes,

at the ceo cocktail lounge.

1. Where, do you hail from?

I hail from a geographically landlocked Himalayan country surrounded by blue Shiwaliks and Mahabharat mountains, where the people actually live. Having grown up in the foothills of the Himalayas, I was fascinated and awed by the change in colours of the majestic massifs in the different seasons and times of…

Songs from the Steppes of Mongolia

Tuesday evening we were gathered in the music room of the Schauinsland school to practice our regular singing. There we were, old and young members of the Männergesangsverein Kappel, doing our pre-singing exercises with our larynx, trying to get the ‘r’s and ‘ch’ and ‘st’ sounds sung in unison through…

Pix courtesy: pixabay

EVEREST DEATH ZONE: Death of a Swiss Climber (Satis Shroff)

The father of five children conquers Everest on May 12, 2021. He is a Swiss Muslim, an ETH-graduate and software engineer, a man who finishes what he starts. Mountain climbing and trekking are his passion. A man…

Satis Shroff

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